Top Of The Garden Pizza

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12in £8.00/ 9in £5.50 (Gluten free in 12in only)

Fillet Steak 

English fillet of beef with Au Poivre sauce, vegetables & chips


Fish ‘n’ Chips

Battered Haddock with chips & tartare sauce


Spiced Chicken

Spiced chicken in rich sauce of tomatoes,garlic and herbs topped with mozzarella cheese nachos



Whitby wholetail scampi, homemade tartare sauce, & chips.  


Sausages with Leeks

Grilled house sausages topped with sauteed leeks & apple, cider and cream served with chips.


The One Burger

The “Whatever It Takes” One, 6oz dry aged burger, pickles, bacon, and cheese in a bun with chips & coleslaw. (also in spiced chicken or veggie burger)


Pork Belly

Slow roasted pork belly & black pudding, rich gravy, vegetables and mash