Getting Back to Life Menu                                                      

Top Of The Garden Pizza

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12in £8.00/ 9in £5.50 (Gluten free in 12in only)

Fillet Steak 

English fillet of beef with Au Poivre sauce, vegetables & chips


Fish ‘n’ Chips

Battered Haddock with chips & tartare sauce


Spiced Chicken

Spiced chicken in rich sauce of tomatoes,garlic and herbs topped with mozzarella cheese and served with a portion of chips



Mussels in a cider, onion and herb broth served with warm bread. 

£7.95 / £10.95 with chips 

Sausages and Onion Gravy 

Grilled house sausages with onion gravy and chips.


The One Burger

The “Whatever It Takes” One, 6oz dry aged burger, pickles, bacon, and cheese in a bun with chips & coleslaw. (also in spiced chicken or veggie burger)


Pan fried Swordfish

Pan fried swordfish fillet, served with cabbage & chips.


Baked Brie

OK, it’s just warmed to bake a Simon Weaver Cotswold organic brie would be sad, served with coleslaw and warmed naan bread


Grilled Lamb

A proper Barnsley lamb chop, with grilled tomato, bacon & mushrooms, served with chips & salad.


Blade of Beef

Slow cooked blade of English beef, red wine gravy, creamed cabbage and mash